Trends on social media during Corona times

At the beginning of the year, we raised the topic of social media trends for 2020. Now it’s been a few months since then, and we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Who would have thought this at the beginning of the decade?

With today’s situation, we have analyzed and developed five of the biggest trends in social media during Corona times. Many of them were already predicted during the previous year and are flourishing despite a pandemic.

The use of TikTok is increasing

In the first months of 2020, TikTok has already passed Facebook and Whatsapp as the world’s most downloaded non-gaming app. The content on TikTok is not too serious, it can be anything from fashion to food – as well as the ever-present dance challenges. The variety of content that can be created in the app has been an excellent distraction during lockdown, when many spend their time indoors and are in great need of entertainment.

Higher adoption of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enhances reality by adding digital elements and changing how things look. Social media has found different methods to use the technology, which is reflected, for example, on Instagram and their photo filters. You may have noticed that it is possible to wear makeup, glasses or why not rabbit ears as a filter. That’s how social media has started using Augmented Reality, and we see that it’s increasing even more. The trend is mostly on Instagram and Snapchat, but in the coming years most platforms will introduce AR and different ways to use the technology.

User Generated Content continues to be successful

This trend is not new, but a trend that is still visible and increasing. More companies are starting to use users’ content in their marketing and campaigns, often by asking their target audience to tag them on their pictures. The content is therefore completely free and feels more authentic to the followers than produced content.

Many large companies have started using UGC more during this pandemic. Creating creative content during current circumstances has a great deal to do with it, but also because you see that users are getting more tired of produced content. People want more genuine content that feels authentic and unfiltered, even when the pandemic is over.

Ephemeral content is growing

Ephemeral content is when something is only available for a short period and then disappears. Such content is often found on Snapchat and Instagram through Stories. Catching people’s attention is becoming more difficult. It usually takes a few seconds on social media, and the way users consume content has also changed. This is exactly why Stories have become popular because they are short and entertaining. It engages the users and leaves them with the excitement of waiting for the next update.

Social media community

During times when it’s difficult to meet, the community plays a huge role. The community takes place in different ways on social media but especially through groups. These groups can be created by companies or by users and are primarily about networking.

You can share common interests, opinions, or questions and plays a major role in how companies communicate with their customers. Many also use groups to launch new products, get feedback and valuable views.