Job vacancies on Facebook

The majority of the best job applications come through tips and recommendations. Accordingly, we have developed a job application tool on Facebook with the users’ behaviour in mind. In addition, the technology is designed to attract job applications and convert talent. With our application we have enabled pixel-tracking for effective retargeting advertising.

Chatbots that communicate job vacancies effectively

AI and our self-developed chatbot simplifies the process of monitoring our clients’ job vacancies.  Messenger is today the most commonly used messaging function and is effective at converting applicants. Talents can start the bot with their QR code on Messenger.

Registering talent at career fairs

Career fairs and events are great but the challenge is to follow up with the talent afterwards. With our developed career fair application we help companies keep track of all the visitors to their stand and help ensure subsequent feedback to the talent. You communicate to the talent in the system, rate the candidates and can easy make a recommendation to a colleague.

Processing recruitment applicants

Talent have high expectations on feedback and that the potential employer’s recruitment process is efficient. Through Cruitment we offer smart processing of applications and simple tracking of relevant applicants that are in our pipeline. Cruitment ensures that the recruitment processes run smoothly internally and that the company makes the best possible use of the pool of talent who apply for jobs.