Activate the Employer Brand

We help employers communicate their Employer Brand to a tailored target audience. We attract potential employees and build talent pools with the right technology and data-driven advertising.

Advertise job vacancies effectively

KSMG has been advertising job vacancies in social media since the start in 2009. Even today our turnkey skills include helping our clients generate job applications with recruitment advertisements in social media.

Campaign planning

Advisory services where we help our clients plan their communication for the appropriate channels and act as project manager. With a clearly defined, structured approach, we take a holistic view of our clients’ campaign planning.

Activate the Employer Brand

Employer Branding is decisive in helping a company achieve its growth plans. The competition for talent is getting tougher and today there are many professions with a shortage of labour, directly affecting the progress of today’s businesses. Why should talents who already have a good job switch employer?

You can increase your visibility as an employer and remind your target group of your presence by planting a seed in the minds of the talent. By increasing your familiarity as an employer and showing what you have to offer and your unique qualities, you will attract the right talent in the long-run. We use technology to build target groups from the talent who are attracted and engaged in your employer brand.

By storytelling in interviews and videos, you want to spark an interest in you as an employer and describe what it’s like working at your company. We feed the talent who are familiar and attracted by your brand with relevant content to generate a unique interest in you as an employer. We convey the talent to your website where they can read more about what it’s like working at your company and how others have developed their careers.

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Campaign planning and project management

We are specialists and work closely alongside our clients using a pro-active approach. We take responsibility for everything from concept to content, distribution and, ultimately, conversion. We draw up annual plans for the campaigns in social media, geared to the employer brand and recruitment needs.

Based on our clients’ activity plans and budgets, we present proposals for a strategy to reach relevant target group in social media. We decide everything from the most appropriate channels for the target group in question, how the campaigns should be scheduled time-wise to generate the best results for the required type of content.