High activity of users in social media

The Corona virus and working at home has caused social media usage to take a huge step up lately. We spend even more time on digital platforms than before the crisis came.

Statistics show a 22% higher interaction on Instagram and a 27% increased engagement on TikTok. Many companies choose to pause their communication, which means that those who choose to be actively seen get really good commitment and dissemination of their messages.

The usage of video calls and Messenger is 50% higher according to Facebook, but at the same time the company is struggling with reduced advertising revenue. The users are there but not always the advertisers.

We, as a digital agency, also see increased usage and thus good results on advertising at present. This is true both in longer campaigns where we work to spread the message and to increase awareness and commitment. This is also true for job postings that are out now in a time where many companies are awaiting their recruitment.

For Q4 2019, Microsoft already reported a clear increase in both members and engagement on LinkedIn. Now we see that in the advertising as well. The atmosphere on the platform is positive and a lot is about how you as an employer act during these Corona times. The posts and job advertising get high engagement with good results.

Many companies are afraid to go out with positive messages in these times when at the same time laying of colleagues. However, we know that positive messages are needed now more than ever to get a commitment going. There are many employees left who need to see certain initiatives continuing rolling out from the company.

When we have passed this period of time, the lack of skills in well-sought professional groups will be just as evident as before. To the extent possible, we recommend that our customers continue to keep candidates warm by continuously appearing and talking about their Employer Brand to be an interesting employer when the situation changes in the society.