KSMG AB strives to protect your individual privacy. An important part of this is to give you as much information as possible about how we use your personal data. This includes how we use locally stored data and other similar technology.

What is meant by local storage of data, cookies and other similar technologies?
Local storage of data means that it is stored on your device (e.g. computer, mobile phone or tablet) via your browser. Locally stored data can include user settings, information about your surfing, which browser you used, which advertisements have been shown to you and similar on the websites that we work with. Such details can be used to customise the content and functions of our services for the purpose of making your visit a personalised and meaningful experience.

One type of local data storage is cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or enables us to recognise your browser. Cookies do not store any directly identifiable information about you (such as name, address, phone number, etc.) only information about your browser and the browser’s activity.

We also use pixel tags that can recognise cookies and other identifiers and which enable third parties to place cookies in your computer/device.

In this document, “local storage of data” is a collective term that includes cookies, pixel tags and other similar technologies.

Why does KSMG AB store data locally?
We use locally stored data to measure and analyse traffic on our websites.

What other players use locally stored data at KSMG AB?
We have suppliers who locally stored data on KSMG’s websites. Such sub-contractors must comply with the Data Processing Agreement and may not use data that has been stored for other purposes than to deliver the services that we have ordered.

Our first party solution today includes:

Our third-party solutions today include:

Our advertising:
We use locally stored data in conjunction with KSMG AB’s advertising. By doing that we can get information about how often you have seen an advertisement or a certain type of advertisement and how long ago you saw it. We also use locally stored data build segments and target groups for marketing purposes and to target advertisements. You will find more information about how segments and target groups are created in conjunction with advertising here.

How should I handle locally stored data? 
You can either adjust the settings in your browser, employ a special program that designed to manage cookies or make your own choice immediately in the cookie bar on the bottom of the page. You can chose between “only necessary cookies” or “all cookies”.

In your browser settings, you will, as a rule, find a list of all stored cookies and if you wish, delete undesired cookies. You can normally whether to accept the storage of cookies from websites that you visit from third parties who are linked to the websites and in certain cases if you wish to be notified each time a new cookie is stored. Guidance about how to do this in the various types of browser is provided below. Your browser normally stores cookies in a specific folder on your hard drive, so that you can search the content in greater detail. Please note that you need to adjust the settings of all your browsers that you use on all your devices/computers.

PLEASE NOTE: If you inactivate cookies. it may prevent certain parts of our website from being fully functional.

Links to information about how locally stored data can be processed in various browsers. Please note that the process can be changed and the links listed below will not always contain up-to-date information.

For more detailed information about cookies, please visit minacookies.se or pts.se.

Contact information
If you have any questions about how KSMG AB uses cookies, please contact privacy@ksmg.se.