Zenuity – KSMG

”The partnership with KSMG is incredibly smooth, professional and rewarding. The team’s expertise guided us through the whole project and the campaign’s outcome exceeded our expectations.”

Louise Bichler, Recruitment Specialist, Zenuity

The challenge

Zenuity permanently faces the major challenge of attracting and recruiting top talent in IT, both in Sweden, Germany and the USA. Many players in the industry try to attract the applicants’ attention to make them the preferred choice among talent in IT.

KSMG helped produce content for the campaigns in the social media in the Swedish and German markets.

The Solution

The campaigns were activated in Germany and Sweden and continued for two months: May until the end of June. 

Using motion media, in which we highlighted the technology behind autonomous driving and how, as developers, we can help develop the future, our objective was to increase the target group’s interest in and commitment to Zenuity. With the tagline “Be a part of the future - Choose Zenuity” we increased the target group’s commitment and 100% of those who were exposed to the video advertisement viewed it at least once. 

We then switched focus to the employees of the organisation with the slogan “Become a Zenuitan”. The talents who at the final stage had been exposed to the job advertisements had viewed the video, read the employee portraits and spent time visiting the campaign website. This in turn generates a higher CTR and a higher application rate.

The Result

- Number of people reached by the campaigns both in Sweden and Germany: 293,825 
- Total number of visitors at the campaign website: 3,851 
- Total number of people who read the job advertisements: 4,339 
- Total number of application clicks: 79 
- Which resulted in: 3 successful recruitments in Sweden 
- Which resulted in: 2 successful recruitments in Germany 
- Click-Through Rate: 3.4%