Telia Cygate approached us to help them increase the Cygate brand awareness and took the opportunity to increase its familiarity among students in Sweden with its Trainee program, which opened for applications in spring 2019. We were tasked, over a 3-month period, with increasing familiarity with the brand, converting applicants and, in the long run, helped them recruit 6 qualified applicants to the autumn’s trainee programme.


Number of people reached by the campaigns.


Total number of visitors to the landing page.


Total number of application clicks.

Cygate IT Akademi

We used motion media to create familiarity with the start of Cygate’s Trainee programme. The advertisements went live on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This was communicated to the top students at Sweden’s largest student cities.

Initially our campaign was intended to increase familiarity and interest in the trainee vacancies. The talent who read these campaigns and showed an interest in the content received targeted job ads in the last stage. Continual retargeting was performed on all those who read the campaigns and/or had visited Cygate’s campaign website.

”I’m delighted with the way KSMG grasped how we wanted to communicate our trainee programme; succinctly, and humorously. The campaign helped us reach the students, resulting in far more applicants than we could have hoped for”

Kristina Gunnarson, Marketing Manager, Cygate AB

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