When Stena Recycling opened the Nordic region’s most modern recycling facility in Halmstad, they needed help in recruiting 50 new production workers to the facility in a short time. Their wish was to find talents with a technical understanding preferably with a background from recycling, warehousing, maintenance, agriculture or similar. The most important quality and maybe the most important puzzle piece to fit the profile was to be a responsible problem solver in combination with a positive team player.


Number of people reached by the campaign


Number of visitors to the campaign page and job-listings


Applications to the facility

It begins in Halmstad

We highlighted the opportunity to be able to work at a local and modern workplace, within a large and sustainable industry in a state-of-the-art facility! Through brand awareness campaigns with motion media we presented the “tagline” and theme: “It begins in Halmstad”. The campaign was launched on Facebook and Instagram.

After creating awareness and engagement about the newly opened facility in Halmstad, the target group were exposed for the job ads. The campaign was live for 3 months where A / B testing, and retargeting were a big part of the work and also the high amount of applications from relevant candidates. Stena Recycling received over 500 applications, of which 80% were qualitative for the services. The average application rate 7%.

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