Every summer, Securitas has a major recruitment need. Previously years they had used both printed material and metro advertising but this year Securitas decided to invest heavily in digital marketing in the Stockholm region. The object was to conduct a campaign where every click and krona spent would be measurable. We were tasked with localising and finding suitable applicants to meet the recruitment need for hundreds of temporary summer workers. For Securitas it was also important that the applicants had different backgrounds and experience, in order to increase diversity in the organisation.


Number of people exposed to the job advertisements and employer branding campaigns.


Total number of visitors to the campaign website and people who read the job advertisements.


Total number of application clicks.

Vilken uniform passar dig?

The “Which uniform suits you the best?” campaign was launched with the help of motion media. Our goal was to increase familiarity and try to broaden people’s perception of Securitas as a company and the kind of people who work there, and at the same time highlight the major recruitment need in Stockholm.

This campaign got off to a quick start in December 2018 and was followed up with employee profile articles and the campaign concluded with job advertisements in March.

The campaign was launched on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

With technology and tracking we continuously retargeted those who interacted with the video, surfed the campaign website and read the various employee profiles, see here:

Securitas future as Sweden’s largest employer

Securitas is Sweden’s largest employer and has a pressing and growing need for finding the right talents. We were justified in using the social media as our main marketing channel, as we wanted to be visible where the target groups are found on a professional basis, and digital marketing is here to stay and we want to help drive it forward.”

Malin Luuke
Deputy Marketing Communications Manager

“It has been excellent having KSMG as a partner during the course of the campaign. It has been a long but very smooth-running process thanks to KSMG’s professionalism and adaptability during the campaign.”

Malin Luuke, Deputy Marketing Communications Manager, Securitas

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