Karolinska has received a lot of criticism in media over the past two years. A campaign was created to show, reinforce and highlight the pride that exists with the employees, who they chose to call “We are Karolinska”. This was done to improve both the hospital brand and the employer brand.


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We are Karolinska

The “We are Karolinska” campaign portrayed several different employees at the hospital, some of them were:

  • Anesthetist, Petur.
  • X-ray nurse, Tonni.
  • The nurses Marcus and Paulina.
  • Biomedical analyst, Jesper.

In addition to these employee portraits, a film was produced in which all colleagues joined: We are Karolinska

The campaign plan was developed where the KPI:s for Karolinska during 2019 were to:

  • Strengthen Karolinska’s employer brand for people working in the healthcare sector
  • Strengthen Karolinska’s brand towards the public in Stockholm.

A plan was activated where content was modified and adapted to each target group and channel. The campaign was activated on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

“We have received great service from KSMG. This is the first time we are doing a major Employer Branding campaign in social media and KSMG has supported us in all stages of the process. Extra fun is that we got so good results as well! KSMG used our own material, which they adapted to each target group and channel. We are very pleased with the end result of the campaign.”

Maria Jungefors, Employer Branding Manager, Karolinska University Hospital

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