EY faces a major problem in attracting and recruiting finance-talent to start their career within audit. It is a problem for the industry itself but here EY wanted to launch a campaign where they show how they work with modern systems, digitalization of processes and so on. The campaign ran in all the major student cities in Sweden, targeting graduates within economics and finance.


Number of people exposed to the ads.


Total number of people who read the ads.


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The next generation of accountants starts their career at EY

In the first phase, the campaign “The next generation of accountants starts their career here” was launched through motion media with the KPI to reach out with information about EY’s values ​​where we communicated to graduates within economy and finance in Sweden.

The goal of the video was to build a relevant audience. Through data and tracking on the career page we were able to target graduates who choose to watch 90% of the initial awareness-video and that read more on the career-page.

The campaigns were live on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn during October and November.

For those graduates who interacted with the awareness-communication were later targeted with employee testimonials from younger accountants who’ve just started their career at EY. These ads show how it is to work at EY, the employees talked about how the worklife balance is, for example. This gives the target group an honest and genuine picture of what everyday life at EY looks like. See both examples to the right.


A career site was created with the aim of clarifying what life at EY looks like for the accountants. Here we wanted to highlight employee portraits and give an honest and genuine picture of what everyday life at EY looks like.

We use clear Call-to-action (apply now) buttons where we encourage the candidates to apply.

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