Through advertising on Snapchat we got a new and innovative grip on how to reach young, 18-21 year olds.


Total number of people exposed to the campaign in Örebro.


Total number of people who read more.


Total number of applications.

Find your future dream!

Epiroc wants to strengthen its position in the labor market towards people who is going to start studying and encourage them to choose the engineering track through the technology leap initiative ( with the invitation: Unsure about the future? Find your future dream! Try life as an engineer – and get paid!

The strategy proved to be both smart and cost-effective.

Through the campaign, which was just right in time, considering uncertainty in the world we live in, Epiroc managed to strengthen its employer brand and received many applications in a short time through Snapchat.

“The collaboration with KSMG is incredibly smooth, professional and rewarding! Through innovative strategies and proposals for platforms, this time we chose to run a campaign on Snapchat. The team at KSMG quickly produced material based on our images and branding guidelines. It’s fun that we reached so many people in such a short amount of time, where we also exceeded our expectations on the number of applications!”

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