We first met Madeleine from Bright Optical, at one of our Employer Branding events. After a successful dialogue, it was established that Bright Optical was in need of hiring new optician consultants during the fall of 2019. Parallel to this they also wanted to increase awareness of them as an employer. This was business critical since they are a small and new company fighting for the small number of opticians available in Sweden. To be top-of-mind is there for a must! Our mission was to increase awareness of Bright Optical as an employer for three months and to convert actual applications on their website.


Number of people reached by the campaign.


Total number of visitors to Bright Opticals webpage.

Evolve as an optician with us

The strategy was to capture opticians’ interest and engagement through motion media, which proved to be effective. The ads were live on Facebook and Instagram for a carefully selected target group, whom throughout the campaign period were exposed to different types of content.

The content of the campaigns was carefully adapted to the optics industry. The graphic elements created a high recognition factor among the target group.

We highlighted what it is like to work as an optician consultant and emphasized the importance of work-life balance. This is very important for the target group and really resonated well to the opticians throughout the campaign.

Through tracking codes on the webpage, we were able to capture the target group. Thanks to data-driven targeting we were able to create effective job ads for those who already knew about Bright Optical as a brand. This is how you can turn a “cold” talent into a “warm” talent!

“Working with KSMG is easy and we always receive quick feedback. We feel that KSMG has a lot of experience and great expertise in terms of accuracy and understanding of different target groups. It weighs heavily for us to have short lead times and quick dialogues, and we really experience that at KSMG.”

Madeleine Olsson, CEO, Bright Optical

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