Assemblin – KSMG

”Our partnership with KSMG is straightforward, smooth-running and professional. Based on our material and our requests regarding purpose and target group, they created an effective campaign that yielded results, and with comprehensive feedback afterwards.”

Hanna Axelsson Katzeff, Communications Specialist, Assemblin


The challenge

Assemblin is a one-stop installation and service partner with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Assemblin designs, installs and services technical systems for air, energy and water. Systems you don’t often see, but which make buildings function and people feel at home... Based on this organisational cornerstone, we developed the “It's the inside that counts” concept.

The solution

You can read about the “It's the inside that counts” concept here:

Using the rooster and dog concept KSMG customised the content for social media and launched the campaign in Sweden, Norway and Finland on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

We worked both on a conversion-oriented basis and with brand familiarity when it came to the various campaign formats. 

With a humorous, innovative approach to employer branding work, Assemblin saw a sizeable increase on the campaign website and a 9.1% increase in brand familiarity among the target group in the whole of the Nordic region. 

Why is measuring brand familiarity on the social media (which traditionally is very difficult to measure) so effective and reliable? Using Facebook/Instagram’s technology and algorithms we measured the brand familiarity from the target group before and after the campaign.

The Result

- Number of people reached by the campaigns: 402,994 
- Total number of visitors at the campaign website: 4,632 
- Video views: 109,912 
- Increased ad-recall/brand familiarity in all the Nordic countries: 9.1%