Graduating and stepping into working life is an important and big step in anyones career. For many newly graduated nurses this can feel intimidating and tough. This is something that Akademiska sjukhuset wanted to take a stand for. In time for the graduation periods during spring and autumn, the “Grow into the role” campaign was launched on social media. Akademiska sjukhuset wanted to show that the step you take from being a student to a practising nurse can be a little bit easier and more pleasant than many people feel that it is. It should feel safe to grow into the role and become the nurse you want to be!


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“Väx in i rollen”

Through motion media and still images on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the campaign “Väx in i rollen” was activated. If you clicked, you ended up on the campaign page, see here. The platforms were selected based on where the requested target group is active. The “Väx in i rollen” campaign were live in Sweden and Finland for a total of two months (May and November during 2019)

“KSMG is a professional partner with a high level of service and great responsiveness to our needs. With high accuracy, KSMG, helps us to reach out with our messages in social media. As an example, I would like to mention our latest campaign, which aimed towards students at the end of their nurse-education. The campaign received fantastic reach and has brought great interest among people in our target group. Thanks for a great collaboration!”

Johanna Henriksson, HR utvecklare, Akademiska sjukhuset

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