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We challenge each other and love to be challenged

As a company we are in an growth phase and at the beginning of 2019 we received a new ownership structure with a large, strong owner who enables us to grow at a rapid rate.

“We are at our strongest when we are together. We have a grand journey ahead of us and plan to find new colleagues to help us achieve our vision. We like to think of ourselves as bold, driven and humorous people and we want to attract like-minded people with the same boldness to explore new paths into the future. We challenge each other and love to be challenged.” – Lisa Hasselstöm, COO

Choose your path

Although! There is something we would like to clarify. KSMG is not for everyone but if you are dynamic, outgoing, love commitment and passionate about your work, you will enjoy working here.

We believe mainly in looking internally when there is a vacancy at KSMG as the development of our employees is a major success factor for KSMG’s development. We provide a tremendous amouny of career opportunities and clear paths for your advancement once you have joined us.

&frankly – What do our employees really think?

We use &frankly as a tool to measure the health and mood of our employees. We truly want to give everyone an oppotrunity to make ther voice heard, but to be able to do it in a simple and fun way! Our belief is that a workplace prospers by openness and transparancy. That’s why we put everybodies wellbeing and engagement on the daily agenda!

KSMG is an innovative company who seeks new ideas

How would you describe the treatment towards one another at the workplace?

How likely is it that you would recommend KSMG as an employer?

Above you can see parts of the results from our latest survey.

KSMG Profile of the year

Every year we appoint a colleague who has done the little extra and walked the extra mile towards beeing a huge factor in contributing to our journey towards our vision.

Julia Bejnö – Head of Digital team

”You are the unicorn who makes it all come together and has through the whole year shown that you truly work by the devise Evolve together. You understand all the core parts of KSMG: the business as a whole, motivating your fellow colleagues and doing it all with genuine passion.

For a greater tomorrow

Diveristy and Equality

Did you know that we have about 10 different nationalities at KSMG and 80 % females on leading positions.

Think green

The enviroment comes first. Only organic products, always sort our waste and choose the most enviroment friendly transportaion to our business meetings.

Helping hand

Instead of giving our employees christmas gifts, we chose to donate and support Save the Children and their efforts to ensure every child’s right to live, develop and grow up safe.