Work with us – KSMG

As a company we are in an expansive phase and at the beginning of the year we received a new ownership structure with a large, strong owner who enables us to grow at a rapid rate. ”Together we are strong. We have a thrilling journey ahead of us and grand plans to find new colleagues to help us achieve our vision. We like to think of ourselves as brave, driven and humorous people and we want to attract like-minded people with the braveness to explore new avenues into the future. We challenge each other and love to be challenged.” - Lisa Hasselström, COO

KSMG may not be for everyone, but if you are dynamic, outgoing, love commitment and are passionate about your work, you will enjoy working here. If development and learning is important to you you will fit in here. We believe in filling our vacancies internally at KSMG as the development of our employees is a key for our success. We provide a wealth of career opportunities and clear paths for your advancement once you have joined us.

Job vacancies

We are always on the lookout for talent with a passion for social media, who want to join an entrepreneurial organisation with considerable possibilities to develop and grow alongside like-minded colleagues. We welcome spontaneous job applications; please send us your CV and a covering letter to our Head of Human Resources,