About us – KSMG

KSMG is a full-service agency for talent attraction, from talent strategy to job advertising. We are a Strategic Partner to LinkedIn, a Facebook Marketing Partner and an independent channel provider to our clients. 9 years ago we were the first player in the fast-paced Swedish market offering social media recruiting through Facebook, and has since then continuously expanded our business offering with talent advisory services and advanced digital solutions. KSMG is today the leader in talent strategies through digital and social media in the market and a trusted partner of 500+ employers in the Nordic region.

Our business concept

We provide and develop services that help companies find the talents they require and which help talents find their future employers. Our turnkey skills in digital marketing, solutions in talent software and creative concepts in content production ensure this is carried out effectively.

Our vision

To create a world where employers and talent find and match each other in an optimal manner.

“The War for Talent” rages ever stronger and a company’s success depends on the quality of the talent that it hires. Traditional job advertising at job sites is no longer effective. The majority of talent today already have jobs and as a company you need to attract talent in the channels they use on a daily basis: the social media.

We know that a strong Employer Brand within the right target audience is a crucial success factor for a company’s growth. We see that employers who tell their story and the reason to why you as a talent should join them and who does in an authentic way come to them find it much easier to fullfil their hire demands. With years of Employer Branding experience, we strive to spread messages that engage the core audience for our clients, with the long-term goal of converting high quality applications.

”We were quick to see the advantages of social media and in harnessing the power of the networks where talent can be found on a daily basis. We develop our services continuously and we work alongside the client from the planning stage to the final results and evaluation”
- Amar Singh, CEO